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Shiv Shankar Expeller Industries believes ‘Quality First’ in each and every action. A top-notch team of professionals consistently examine the intricacies of quality management through online. Right from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing of end product, they use the latest quality technology system and methods so as to meet the needs of the buyer. We have our own lab facility accredited by various brands to monitor quality at different levels.

Right through our production processes, we have rigorous testing of physical and chemical parameters to ensure zero-defects.

As a people-centric organization, we ensure a proper work-life balance for our people. Our compensation standards comply with statutory norms so our employees can lead secure and satisfied lives. We also organize professional development programs that allow them to keep pace with prevalent trends and techniques.

Flexibility & Delivery

We are committed towards delivering on your schedule. The first season is the longest which allows us to get the fits & quality approved after which it becomes a routine. 
Our development program gets established right from the yarn and thereby giving us the lead time of 60 days at minimum for production.
BCI, Organic yarns have a minimum quantity to be sufficed and also have a slightly longer production cycle. 



We believe in sustainable bright future, with our continuous rapid transformations sustainability remains as core of our business. And working towards more sustainable future; As a fast responsive manufacturer we ahead with future beyond thinking and continuous improvement in environment management system all the time. Our operations focus on reducing the environment impact and reducing the footprint in every aspect/process.

Apparel manufacturers & Garment exporters in India

Welcome! Shiv Shankar Expeller Industries is one of the largest leading Apparel manufacturers & Clothing manufacturers in Kolkata, India. We are among the most preferred & trusted Knitwear Manufacturers in India engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Knitted Fabrics to our clients across the globe for more than a decade.

Shiv Shankar exports exhibit a fully integrated knitwear setup starting from yarning, spinning, knitting, dyeing, finishing, embroidery, printing and garmenting. We are serving our customers with a complete apparel manufacturing solution from fiber to fashion. Vertical integration of the manufacturing process enables us to customize products as per the client’s specifications with reliable quality assurance in a cost-effective manner. At the same time, we are able to develop innovative products while controlling quality, costs and timely delivery of production. Our team is a brilliant mix of the best in technology, design, and manufacturing.

We are well-organized Garment manufacturers & T-shirt manufacturers in India. Quality is controlled at every stage of production by conducting systematic testing and continuous monitoring of results.

Shiv Shankar Expeller Industries Export’s R&D centers and in-house labs are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment.

At Shiv Shankar Expeller Industries, vision & mission includes ethical and fair trade apparel manufacturing principles that are eco-friendly, sustainable, transparent with ethical labor practices.

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